Sunday, August 08, 2010

Ghost of Sparta Lives

I saw this video a couple weeks ago and found it fairly amusing. The good folks over at Gamervision have a fake trailer for a potential God of War movie were it imagined by Wes Anderson. While I would not consider myself a Wes Anderson fan (except, for some reason, Bottle Rocket, which I actually enjoyed) this faux trailer quite adeptly captures the neurotic, off-beat soul of the (limited) Anderson library. While this version of the brutally violent and eternally angry Spartan warrior turned god turned mortal again is in no danger of actually happening it would far and away be a better movie than the rumoured Brett Ratner incarnation. Fuck that guy makes some shitty movies. He could fuck up a cup of coffee. The other day I had to brush my eyes clean with boiling bleach and whip my own back with a cat o' nine tails in penance after realizing that A) Brett Ratner directed Red Dragon and B) I actually remembered enjoying Red Dragon. One of the constants of Hollywood is that Brett Ratner is always wrong (I don't even want to ponder the philosophical ramifications of liking a Ratner flick), which is reassuring in a twisted way. It's nice to have some stability in this crazy world. Enjoy the video and remember: friends don't let friends watch X-Men: The Last Stand.

They're my blades of chaos...


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