Friday, October 24, 2008

Blow Me, Heroes

Fuck you Heroes. Yeah, you heard me. And Tim Kring can kiss my ass too. After watching the episode this past Monday I realized once again how aggravating and emotionally exhausting it is to watch this show week to week. See, I missed the first season and watched it all on DVD, so if there was a crazy cliffhanger ending (which there seems to be in every fucking episode) I could instantly watch the next episode to see what happened and wouldn't go to bed trying to guess how the hell whatever crazy twist just assaulted my senses was going to be resolved. And then after a superb first season, Tim Kring decided to make a classic hollywood move and alienate the many fans of his popular new show by making it crap. The whole bullshit with Hiro "stuck" in the past drew on for far too long. I actually found myself getting ready to take my bathroom breaks during the part in the episode where Hiro showed up with his childhood hero Takezo Kensei (AKA Adam Monroe) instead of during the commercials. Yes, that's right, I would rather have sat through some advertisement for more absorbent tampons than sit through that shit. Hiro can control time and space! How can he possible be "stuck" in any time period?!? He just warps the fuck out.

And now I'm stuck here in the third season, which is infinitely better than the second season despite some shifty writing devices (So Nikki Sanders was one of a set of triplets? I mean seriously, if Ali Larter has some kind of air-tight contract then put her in flashbacks or some shit. Triplets? Really?? That's the BEST you could do?). And I love the show and the fact that a show about super heroes is on prime time, I'm just tired of the constant cliff-hanger endings and the overall slow pace of the show despite more action per capita than the two previous seasons. Seriously, I am sick of this shit. I mean two episodes ago Hiro all of the sudden stabs Ando through the heart because crazy fear-strength guy tells him to? You knew something had to be afoot, but still the writing left no clue so it could have been that Hiro had become a complete and total asshole. And now Peter is finally going to stir some shit up and he finds his father (still alive for some reason) who STEALS HIS FUCKING POWERS?!? And then the show just ENDS!!!! Honestly, I was up half the night, and I was actually stressed out by this shit. It is so infuriating watching this show. I love it, but I'm probably going to have to wait for the DVD to come out to watch the rest of it, because I simply cannot watch a show every week that raises my blood pressure like that. It's like having psychological blue-balls (is that one word or two?) every week trying to wrap my head around the ending. And I'm sick of it. So now I have to find a way to masturbate my psyche to relieve all this fucking stress. I've got one more word for you Tim Kring: fuck. Just, fuck. I love your show, but I hate it so, so much at the same time.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Screen Legend Paul Newman Dead at 83

I know this post is a bit late, but for those of you haven't heard Paul Newman is dead. He passed away on September 26, 2008 losing a long battle to cancer. He is one of the few actors who has reached true Legendary status and is an iconic figure in cinematic history. From the sound of it he was also a pretty great guy in real life as well. Besides the fact that he was married for fifty years (to the same woman), a feat almost completely unheard of in Hollywood, he was also a philanthropist of massive proportions. All proceeds from the Newman's Own food line that bore his name and image were donated to charity.

Before he left us, though, he gave us countless unforgetable performances. From his classic on-screen team-ups with Robert Redford in the classics "The Sting", and "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" (a personal favourite of mine) all the way to "The Color of Money" and 2002's "Road to Perdition" there was never a role that he did not seem to embrace wholeheartedly. He always seemed to effortlessly enter into the headspace of all the characters he portrayed and take the audience on the journey with him. He truly was a giant of a man and his legacy will undoubtedly live on for generations to come.