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Feed the Voices in Your Head: Volume I

"Love.  Hate.  Movies.  Feed the Voices in your Head: Volume I is a compilation of writings touching on everything from the cultural significance of movies to... well, that's pretty much it.  As funny as it is insightful (oh boy...), this anthology of (sometimes disturbingly) honest stories examines unifying cultural threads relating to identity, aging, legacy, parenthood, and neuroses of all varieties through the lens of pop culture.  This slice-of-life dissection of one man's life traces his development from a young boy raised on movies and video games to a man-boy hybrid still mentally subsisting mainly on movies and video games as a way to explain his experiences in a strange and chaotic Universe.  Experience life from the point of view of a white, upper-lower-middle class, heterosexual man, which is exactly the sort of unique voice that the literary world needed to really shake things up."

So it begins.  For those not in the know, I recently published my first book.  As the title suggests, this book is mostly compiled from writings from this very blog.  If you've read through a post or two and are still on the fence about buying this fantastic collection of prose, then below are a few reasons to help justify spending your hard-earned and/or newly laundered cash:

1) Step into the light, my child.

As tends to happen with blogs and other online digital media, content tends to get buried in various electronic archives quicker than gangsters can bury former companions in shallow graves in the sands of the Nevada desert.  This book highlights pieces that may have been long-forgotten to the world and that people wouldn't otherwise have read unless they took the time to go back and read every single blog post ever made on a blog, which, of course, everybody has time for.

2) Power to the person

Even though music is largely available for free through the magic of radio and the even greater magic of digital sharing, people still find it in them to support the artist by buying his/her album.  There's an unwritten rule (open wide...), among my friends and I at least, that even though music may somehow come into our possession free of charge, there is still the social (even moral) imperative to support any artist whose music we enjoy by actually going out and purchasing said music.  I'm not saying I'm entitled to be paid for the all of the shit that I put out on my blog, but if you like my shit, then there are worse things you could spend your money on/in support of.

3) Welcome to the Stonecutters

On the other hand, if you're going to be shelling out money for content, it doesn't hurt if you get some more bang for your buck.  So, I have included some exclusive content in Feed the Voices in Your Head: Volume I not available anywhere else.

4) Remember the colons

Ever try to read through shit on the internet only to be put off by terrible grammar and questionable syntax?  Well, for all of you grammar Nazis out there, this book now offers all of your favourite content but now with 30 percent more grammar.

5) Spread the love

Didn't you learn anything from Haley Joel Osment in PAY IT FORWARD?  By buying this book, you might literally be helping to save the world as we know it.  Perhaps the better question then becomes can you really afford NOT to buy this book?  I think the answer is pretty clear.


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